My Story


Akin Training and Yoga, LLC has been a dream lived out!

As a girl who played various sports growing up (volleyball, basketball, track, skiing, snowboarding (I was there when it was invented :-/ ) even a dabble in rodeo. I was good at all and great at none, but set a level of what I knew fitness could “feel” like. I graduated Colorado State University with a B.S. in Agricultural Business I knew corporate life was for me.

After playing a roll in a few corporate jobs, I quickly realized corporate America was in fact NOT for me. I remember over the course of my college career two specific moments (completely not related instances) where friends said “You’ll be the next Jenny Craig” and “Why did you not get a degree in Sports Science.” By this time my activities grew to rock climbing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, longer distance running and an insatiable desire to learn more about it all.

In 2004 this Colorado girl found herself moving to Oklahoma to be part of a special church Trinity Fellowship in Sayre, meeting a guy who would become my husband. In a series of major life events….. ’04 moving to Oklahoma, ’05 getting married, ’06 having my daughter, ’07 my husband had a traumatic brain injury, ’08 in desperate desire to make money started Akin Boot Camps in Clinton, OK, USA.

Listen folk, make God laugh by telling him what you’re going to do, but make him proud by being flexible, trusting him and rolling with the punches. So here I was turning 30, with a baby girl and a caregiver to my husband. The story continues with a lot of ups and downs-ending in a divorce, moving out of a comfortable house…. Still working on rolling with the punches, but I never quit learning and growing everyday. There is truth that beauty comes from ashes… Lee is remarried, my daughter is an amazing young lady (quite the smart girl and athlete I must add) and I was able to open my own studio and have my own show in Clinton.

A lot has come across my plate in the 10 ½ years of my business now Akin Training and Yoga, LLC


That’s My Story. What’s yours?

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