“The Hateful Eight”


It can be so confusing…. FATS! Are they good? Bad? Which ones?

Before processed food was a thing less than 100 years ago, fat made up a huge portion of the human diet.

But it was natural fats that do our bodies good – from animals and plants.

Since the low-fat crazes in the 1980s, we’ve been gradually eliminating naturally occurring fats from foods and replacing them with unnatural, toxic, chemical-laden oils and sugars.

Dr. Shanahan calls these oils specifically “The Hateful Eight,” and she recommends avoiding them at all costs to reduce toxicity and inflammation in the body, and thereby, reduce your risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes.

The problem is that these oils are in TONS of prepackaged foods from salad dressing to bread to processed foods to foods prepared in restaurants.

Whether you attempt to avoid these oils entirely or simply start taking a closer look at labels to reduce your consumption, I wanted to provide this quick list for you today from the website drcate.com to increase your awareness and enable you to make informed decisions for yourself.

These oils are:

1.Soy oil

2.Sunflower oil

3.Safflower oil

4.Canola oil

5.Corn oil

6.Cottonseed oil

7.Hydrogenated oil

8.Refined palm oil

Are you planning to take a closer look?

Hit reply and let me know your thoughts!