3 Mindset secrets to maintaining fitness success

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Too often in the realm of fitness we rely on willpower to get us to our end result and keeping that willpower can be tough when your schedule has been changed and stress levels have rocketed.

But we all kinda know how that turns out… It only lasts so long.

We lose motivation. We discover willpower is incredibly finite.

So instead, let’s look at some mindset hacks to make this whole longevity thing around health and fitness much easier for the next couple weeks…

Here are 3 mindsets you MUST possess if you want to get and stay fit:

1.Focus on consistency over everything else. The best thing you can do is keep showing up and not quit.

** Your workouts may look different, but the fact you keep working at it will be the biggest game changer!!!
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2.Have a long-term mindset. This means no matter how you feel one day, what the scale says, etc. stay on track.
I have said this before but I really mean it, do not let everyday go by out of fear of the “unknown” and watch 3, 5, maybe 8 weeks go by… This is knowing what you’re committing to around your health is forever and not just for a certain event, until you’re a certain size, or achieve a certain weight.

3.Find inspiration daily. Whether it’s listening to podcasts, reading, journaling…it doesn’t really matter. Find a way to activate inspiration for your path forward every single day.

What are your thoughts, {{ subscriber.first_name }}? Have you tried any of these techniques before or found something else that has worked for you?

I promise if you use these in conjunction with one another you will truly transform from the inside out.

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