#1 Question to ask yourself when thinking about your funeral


Well, that’s a morbid headline, huh? 🙂

But for good reason, so hang with me.

So often we put off our health, happiness, and dreams until it’s too late. Until “the time is right”, even though we know logically the “right” time simply does not exist.

You guys have heard me mention before “We all get this one life to live fully.”

It’s up to us to DECIDE and take control over how we want to live, what it is we want, and who we want to be.

One way to do a little soul searching about what a full life means to you can be thinking about what you want people to say about you when your time on Earth is done.

The people at your funeral, of course, will love you and think you’re wonderful.

#1 QUESTION: What else do you want them to remember?

Will they know what your life purpose was because you walked in it?

How you were the example of living an inspired life?

How do you want to be received and perceived in the world?

It’s all based on the impact you have and how you show up.

You get to decide – 100%.

So, at your funeral, how do you want people to talk about you and remember you?

Start living that now. Today.

I don’t care about timing or work or anything that slows you from being that person you want to be.