Are you doing these 5 simple nutritional steps?


Not everything you’ve been told about food is true! In fact in today’s world has made nutrition VERY confusing.

See, willpower is a finite thing, so when you try to control your food intake based on willpower, you will lose before long.

Instead, try the following, SIMPLE but truly effective:

  • Eat the most satiating foods to suppress hunger – protein is first in this category (so load up), followed by complex carbs (think veggies, potatoes), and healthy fats.
  • Avoid hunger/craving triggers – combining foods that are low in protein but high in fat and starch can seriously trigger cravings later in the day
  • Eat one LARGE salad most days – BONUS: Nail out 2-5 veggies/fruit in this one meal! Don’t tell me this will get old. There are endless amounts of toppings, veggies, proteins and dressings to keep this an ever changing meal. (DON’T SHY AWAY FROM: cheese, nuts, fruit toppings, chicken, tuna and even some fatty dressings that will make this more palatable for you…be creative)
  • Drink only calorie-free beverages – Shy away from fake sugars, although the chemistry wont make your blood sugar elevate, it can still have a similar neurological effect, leading to you to consume more food throughout the day. Water is the safest and BEST go to.
  • Chew your food longer – count how many times you chew before swallowing normally then aim to double it. You’ll be shocked by how much less you eat. Savor each bite, truly enjoy your food.

Do you feel like you have already heard this? Are any of these new behaviors for you?

If you’ve struggled with your nutrition, we can help! Reply and let me know!! We will be starting a Metabolic Prehab in October, getting your metabolism to be more receptive and active!!

Yours in Health,