Perspective…. getting to the core


I want to share a crazy idea with you today…

It’s the concept that truth and reality don’t really exist.

Think about it. Two people could perceive and experience the EXACT same scenario in two totally different ways.

For example, let’s say you have two working moms who know they need to lose weight and increase their strength so they can live longer and have more confidence.

One of those moms could BELIEVE with her whole heart that she’s too tired and too busy, leading her to continue skipping her workouts and picking up convenience food rather than cooking.

The other mom might see it as an exciting challenge. She might move the puzzle pieces of her life around to make it work and successfully complete her goal.

This stuff happens all the time, and it simply comes down to perspective.

So, what’s the solution?

I believe we should always question and challenge our own truths.

See things from different perspectives.

Challenge your beliefs.

Ask yourself, “Has anyone else in my situation ever accomplished what I want to accomplish?”

If the answer is yes, you can do it too – all it takes is switching your perspective and changing the story.

Don’t miss my short FACEBOOK LIVE from yesterday about the PERSPECTIVE. 
    PERSPECTIVE: Work and Play 

Curious as to how this resonates with you – would love for you to reply, and let me know!

Coach Mary

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