Be careful…. Your brain is watching….

When you resolve to do something, whether or not you actually follow through can have a profound impact both now and in the future. 

You see, I believe that your brain is watching. 

If you stick to what you set out to do – lose weight, write a book, run a marathon – your brain starts to believe in you more and more. 

But when you don’t follow through, the opposite occurs. 

Your brain subtly begins to doubt you and your commitments. 

It becomes easier to make and believe excuses. It’s more likely that your ego will win, keeping you just where you are instead of progressing forward. 

I’m reading Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill, this book was written in 1938 (I’ll repeat this fact EVERY TIME I refer to this book, because it astounds me the facts of the enemy don’t change).

It is the trickery of our brain and the devil that every time we don’t follow through with a promise or challenge to ourselves we set the stage to be a little weaker every time we approach the challenge again.

For this reason, many have shunned New Years Resolutions as a whole.

Would you prefer your brain believe in you and support you with the right thoughts and beliefs?

Or will you train it to doubt you, almost inevitably keeping you stuck on big and challenging goals?

-Start small with a WINNING goal.
  May seem silly, but mine was flossing. I literally set a 30 second goal/habit that changed my success pattern.
-Don’t stop….
  After a few week, I set the goal of daily meditation… again a 2 minute daily routine that was easy to execute   but set me up for SUCCESS.

  Don’t wait for a Monday, set yourself up for success by starting a little goal now. (Plank a day, 10 pushups
  every morning, 100 oz water daily.)

Press reply and let me know what you are setting your goal/habit as.
I’m also in the mode of getting you all where you want to be, push reply for a FIT Success Session. I will get back to you within the week, to get you on the path for feeling great and having energy.

As always, the choice is yours. 



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Give me a few days to get back to you and lets make a plan to end December STRONG and be ready for a wonderful 2019!!

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