5 Ways To Stay On Track This HOLIDAY!

No matter what we sometimes tell ourselves, the holidays are NOT an entire seasonal excuse to neglect our health.

In fact, we’ve had many clients lose weight and stay fit through the holidays, entering the next year the envy of their friends.

So, we’ve assembled our top 5 tips for progressing with your goals through the 2018 holiday season: 1. Set an intention- Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your commitment to yourself. What are your specific goals? When will you achieve them by? How will you achieve them? What’s the plan you’ll follow when you find yourself getting on track? Bonus points for having an accountability coach or buddy to hold you to this intention!

2. Eat before you party – Have a healthy meal before you show up to a holiday party! It’ll be much easier to choose healthy snacks or skip the food altogether. 3. People > food- Enter every social situation with the understanding that the season is about the people in your life WAY more than it is about food.

4. Lay off the guilt- If you slip up or over-do it, don’t beat yourself up. Simply move on while taking important lessons and with the renewed commitment that you’ll do better next time.

5. Enjoy planned indulgences – Don’t binge at every gathering, but DO plan to indulge when you’ll enjoy it most. If your mother makes the best holiday pound ever, enjoy it! If your co-worker makes the best heavy cream-laden hot cocoa ever, have it! But save it for the moments that will really make it count.

What are your top strategies for staying on track through the holidays?

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